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Two lovely envelopes with gorgeous stamps greeted me today when I opened our letterbox. One arrived from Finland and one from China .

This absolutely stunning view from Finland is actually the view from mikkomi74’s home. Wow! Talk about idyllic, huh?

Kiitos paljon mikkomi74!


The envelope from China contained two cards. Both amazing views. The first card is titled “An Exhibition of World Architecture” on the back. The front reads “Enjoying life under the roofs”. Isn’t that nice?. ūüôā

The second card from China depicts a village in Fujian province. The text on the back reads “The Eight-Diagram Fort is located at Dongping Village, Shentu Town, Zhangpu County. It is not a single earthen building but a resident house in Eight-Diagram form with five-ring style.” Apparently it can hold more than 100 people.

Xie xie barbra0527!



Seems like most of the cards I receive these days come from the USA , Finland¬† and Germany . Just like the cards that arrived today. ūüėČ

This is a lovely view of Philadelphia, PA. The back of the card reads “The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center (foreground) opened its doors in 2003 as Philadelphia’s premier eco-tourism attraction. The overall theme of this environmental education center nestled beside the Schuylkill River is ‘Water In Our World.’ The exhibits for this world-class project focus on the urban watershed and the incredible history of this site. The Philadelphia Museum of Art (background) features an impressive collection of European art housed in a stately, neoclassical building.”

Thanks so much for the card Dar!

This  fab map card shows Northern Scandinavia, comprising Finland , Norway and Sweden . One can just make out Russia in the East.

Map of Northern Scandinavia

Kiitos paljon Helena_of_Troy!

I also received a card of Sweden from a Danish lady living in Germany . Not bad, huh? By the way, H√§lsningar is not the name of the village on the card. It’s Swedish for greetings.

Vielen Dank f√ľr die Karte LoneMatz!

There were six cards waiting for me when I opened our letterbox today. Yay! ūüôā And it’s just as well because there’s a bank holiday here tomorrow and we won’t get any post.

The cards came from five different countries, two from Germany and one each from USA , Belarus , Finland  and Norway .

The first card from Germany shows the Common Archduke, a beautiful butterfly that is found in the Indomalaya ecozone.

Common Archduke

Vielen Dank f√ľr die Karte TimeGypsy!

And here’s a lovely view of the Regensburg Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2006.

Regensburg Cathedral, Germany

Vielen Dank f√ľr die Karte Abendstern!

From the US, I received a new addition for my map cards collection: a state map of New Hampshire.

Map of New Hampshire, USA

Thanks so much for the card maryellie!

This grand building is the General Post Office in Minsk, Belarus. It was opened in 1955. Looks more like a concert hall or a theatre to me. I wouldn’t mind buying my stamps there. ūüėČ

General Post Office in Minsk, Belarus

Dziakuju podshapnik!

The Finnish card depicts doors of Turku. Funny how doors in different countries look so  different.

Doors of Turku, Finland

Kiitos paljon mirmar!

Although not a postcard, this greeting card of Edvard Munch‘s (1863‚Äď1944)¬†The Scream (1893) is just fab! I’ve always liked this painting.

Edvard Munch: The Scream, 1893

Tusen takk for postkort kunstmeyer!

I received two great cards today, one each from Italy  and Finland .

The first card shows the All Saints Church (Chiesa di Ognissanti in Italian) in beautiful Florence.

All Saints Church in Florence, Italy

All Saints Church in Florence, Italy

Grazie mille per la cartolina micio!


The second card is a lovely view of Kajaani, a small town in central Finland.


Kiitos paljon henzku!

I received six lovely cards today: two from Japan  and one each from Finland , Russia , France  and USA .

This gorgeous autumnal view depicts Shinnyo-do temple in Kyoto, Japan. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Shinnyo-do Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Shinnyo-do Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Domo arigato april16!


Also in Japan, this card shows Lake Inawashiro, which is located in the middle of Fukushima Prefecture. It is also known as “Sky Mirror Lake” and is said to have the cleanest water in Japan. In winter swans migrate to the beaches of the lake and stay there until spring. I guess that’s why there are so many swan-shaped boats in this card. ūüėČ Mount Bandai, which is actually¬†a volcano,¬†is also visible in the background.


Lake Inawashiro and Mount Bandai, Japan

Domo arigato evitayueh!


Another autumnal view arrived from Moscow today. It depicts the Church of the Ascension in¬†Kolomenskoye, a former royal estate just outside Moscow.¬†¬†The church was built in¬†1532 to commemorate the long-awaited birth of an heir to the throne, the future Tsar Ivan IV (“Ivan the Terrible”). One of the earliest examples of a traditional wooden tent-roofed church on a stone and brick substructure, it had a great influence on the development of Russian ecclesiastical architecture. The church was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1994.

Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye, Russia

Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye, Russia

Spasibo vinnie!


This lovely card shows Turku, the oldest city in Finland and its first capital city (1809-1812). Turku is situated on the southwest coast of Finland, where it is a notable commercial and passenger seaport city with over three million passengers travelling through the port of Turku each year to Stockholm and Mariehamn.

Turku, Finland

Turku, Finland

Kiitos paljon MaHaKo!


Also among today’s post were two art cards. The first shows a beautiful painting by one of my favourite artists, Pierre-Auguste Renoir¬†(1841-1919).

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: On the Terrace, 1881

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: On the Terrace, 1881

Thanks so much for the card bluesunshine!


The second art card and today’s final card shows artwork by another French artist, Eug√®ne Delacroix (1798-1863).¬† A French Romantic artist,¬†Delacroix was¬†regarded from the outset of his career as the leader of the French Romantic school. His use of expressive brushstrokes and his study of the optical effects of colour profoundly shaped the work of the Impressionists.

Eugène Delacroix: Jeune orpheline au cimetière, 1824

Eugène Delacroix: Jeune orpheline au cimetière, 1824

Merci beaucoup thaddee_calisson!

Four new cards arrived in today’s post from Finland , Netherlands , New Zealand¬† and Germany .

This lovely card from Finland depicts the four seasons. I particularly like the small picture of the butterfly.


Kiitos paljon mummeli!


What a stunning night view of Den Haag (The Hague in English)! Although not the capital of the Netherlands, Den Haag is the seat of the Dutch government. All foreign embassies and government ministries are located in the city, as well as the Supreme Court. Den Haag is called the city of peace and safety.

Den Haag, Netherlands

Den Haag, Netherlands

Dank u zeer voor de briefkaart atimmerman!


I received my first card from New¬† Zealand today! It shows Whakaari/White Island, which is an active volcano. The full Maori name for the island is “Te Puia o Whakaari”, which means “the dramatic volcano”. It was named White Island by Captain Cook in 1769 because it always appeared to be in a cloud of white steam. Here’s what the back of the card says: “This is New Zealand’s classic marine volcano in the Bay of Plenty. It is always mildly active and sometimes erupts in bigger and better ways.”¬†

Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand

Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand

Thanks so much for the card LilzGold!


Last but not least, this lovely art card arrived from Germany. It shows¬†a painting by P.S. Kr√łyer¬†(1851-1909), a Norwegian-Danish painter whose work I wasn’t familiar with before receiving this card. He is one of the best known and undeniably the most colorful of the Skagen Painters, a community of Danish and Nordic artists who lived, gathered or worked in Skagen, Denmark, especially during the final decades of the 1800s. Kr√łyer was the unofficial leader of the group. The painting shows his wife, Marie Kr√łyer, and Anna Ancher (one of the Skagen painters) on a summer evening Skagen’s southern beach.

P.S. Kr√łyer: Summer evening on Skagen's southern beach (Anna Ancher and Marie Kr√łyer), 1893

P.S. Kr√łyer: Summer evening on Skagen's southern beach (Anna Ancher and Marie Kr√łyer), 1893

Vielen Dank f√ľr die Karte Goyesca!

Today’s post brought four cards, two each from Ukraine¬† and Finland .

The first card from Ukraine shows a beautiful view of Kiev, more specifically of the Andriyivsky Descent, which is described as the city’s most romantic street.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine


Another beautiful view from Ukraine, this card depicts the island of Anti-Circe in Sofiyivka Park in the central Ukrainian city of Uman. What a view!

Sofiyivka Park in Uman, Ukraine

Sofiyivka Park in Uman, Ukraine

Diakuyu tobi dlia lystivka raven!


This gorgeous night view shows the medieval castle Häme Castle (Hämeen linna in Finnish) in the Southern Finnish town of  Hämeenlinna.

Häme Castle in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Häme Castle in Hämeenlinna, Finland

Vielen Dank f√ľr die Karte pimennys!


This art card depicts a sculpture by Finnish/Dutch geometric abstract sculptor Lucien den Arend. Meduusa, who sent me the card, said that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t figure out why this sculpture is art and what its point is. I have to admit that¬†I don’t get it either – no offence.¬†According to Wikipedia, “In his sculpture¬†[den Arend]¬†avoids composition. As is the case with concrete art, his work is not modelled after any existing object – his sculpture represents only itself.” Does that help?

Gothic II, Noordpark, 1981-96

Lucien den Arend: Gothic II, Noordpark, 1981-96

Kiitos paljon Meduusa!

Today’s post only brought two cards, one each from France¬† and Finland .

I don’t speak French but I think the text on this card says something along the lines of “Our faults are like grains of sand opposite¬†the great mercy of God.” I’ll leave you to ponder that thought…


Merci beaucoup Doumik!


I don’t speak Finnish either but according to mistiina the text on this card means “I’m different and proud of it!” I think this little fellow is a hedgehog called Kiroileva Siili and rather popular in Finland. But please correct me if I’m wrong.


Kiitos paljon mistiina!

Not only were there nine postcards in today’s post, they all arrived from different countries too. ūüėÄ Let’s see… The cards, in no particular order, came from South Africa , Germany , Hungary , Ukraine , Thailand , Malaysia , USA , Finland ¬†and France . Wow! If you’d like a multicultural mailbox like mine, sign up at Postcrossing now.

Hmm, I think I’ll start with my favourite card so far. Although I love all the cards I’ve received, this one’s rather special and here’s why: it’s a shaped card of Spider-Man! Yes, I am a Spider-Man fan. And I’m talking¬†about the comics, not the¬†Tobey¬†Maguire movies (although I did of course watch, and enjoy, them).¬†Now all I’m missing are the USPS Spider-Man stamps

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

Thanks so much for this card alimx007!


The cards from Finland and France were art cards¬†–¬†a colourful portrait of Lucille Ball, the American comedienne, and a beautiful painting by one of my favourite artists, Edgar Degas (1834-1917).

Two Dancers on Stage (detail), 1874

Edgar Degas: Two Dancers on Stage (detail), 1874

 Kiitos paljon ikamuur!


Lucille Ball, 1911-1989 (original art by David Chick, NYC)

Lucille Ball, 1911-1989 (original art by David Chick, NYC)

 Merci beaucoup thaddee_calisson!

There were three cards in today’s post – one each¬†from Finland ,¬†China¬†¬†and USA¬†.

The card from Finland shows a beautiful painting by Alfons Mucha¬†(1860-1939),¬†the Czech Art Nouveau¬†artist. Although I’ve never really liked¬†Art Nouveau that much, I really like this one. ūüėČ

Flower, 1897

Alfons Mucha: Flower, 1897

Kiitos paljon ikamuur!


Unfortunately there was no information about the artist on the Chinese card, apart from the Chinese characters, which I don’t understand… So, if anyone recognizes this artwork and has information about its title and artist, please leave a comment. Thanks!


Xie xie mayi5!


The final card shows a¬†couple of longhorns, the official “large animal” of the State of Texas.


Thanks so much for the card BuddyAllen!

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