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Oh dear! I’ve barely been back a month and I’m already struggling with keeping up my blog again. 😦

It’s a very busy time for me right now and I have a lot on so that I simply cannot spare the time necessary to upload pictures of the postcards I receive every day. And trust me, I’ve been receiving some very awesome cards! Alas, I shall have to take a little break again. But don’t worry, it won’t be anywhere near as long as last time. Perhaps just a few days, possibly a week or two. We shall see. But I will be back. Promise.

So long,


It’s two and a half years later and I’m back! 🙂

When I stopped blogging, I received so many postcards every day that I simply could not keep up with posting the pics on here. So I stopped. Because leaving out some cards was just not an option. I didn’t intend to stop blogging. I just wanted to wait for a quiet day to catch up. But in the meantime my collection grew and grew…and grew some more.

Every now and then I considered just continuing anyway and leaving the catching up for another day. And that’s exactly what I decided to do today. Partly thanks to tobiejonzarelli, whose postcard arrived here today (see next post). She said she was sorry to see that I had given up my blog. Reading those words motivated me to continue with it because in my mind I had never given up on my blog. I was just a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of cards I’ve been receiving. Thank you, dear tobiejonzarelli! 🙂

So, from today, I shall continue showing you the wonderful postcards that I receive. If that quiet day ever arrives, I might even catch up on the cards that arrived during the two and a half years of my blogging sabbatical. 😉 Although to be perfectly honest with you, there are a million other things I should probably do first if I ever find myself on a quiet day with nothing to do…

Thanks for visiting my blog and sticking with it when I didn’t.

Best wishes,

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