Today’s other three cards came from further afield, namely from USA  and United Arab Emirates (UAE) .

The first card from the US shows a rose covered trellis in Cape Cod, MA. Apparently, this is a typical view in Massachusetts. I think it looks lovely!

Cape Cod MA, USA

Cape Cod MA, USA

Thanks so much for the card Rubycantfail!


This lovely card depicts a sunset on a farm in Texas. One can even make out the silhouette of a cowboy on a horse. Texas, nicknamed the Lone Star State, is  the second largest US state in both area and population.


Thanks so much for the card alm74!


I received my first card from UAE today, more specifically from Dubai. It depicts a camel, the UAE’s heritage animal, as a businessman working in the heart of Dubai. I never thought I’d ever see a camel in a tie. 😀


Shokran AJ07!