I think I need to write and send out more postcards again as I only received one card today. It came from Northern Germany and depicts the Westerheversand lighthouse.

Vielen Dank für die Karte Evalotta!


Just one card today. From Arnhem in the Netherlands . It’s a lovely view of the concert hall Musis Sacrum.

Dank u zeer voor de briefkaart RDGR!

Two lovely envelopes with gorgeous stamps greeted me today when I opened our letterbox. One arrived from Finland and one from China .

This absolutely stunning view from Finland is actually the view from mikkomi74’s home. Wow! Talk about idyllic, huh?

Kiitos paljon mikkomi74!


The envelope from China contained two cards. Both amazing views. The first card is titled “An Exhibition of World Architecture” on the back. The front reads “Enjoying life under the roofs”. Isn’t that nice?. 🙂

The second card from China depicts a village in Fujian province. The text on the back reads “The Eight-Diagram Fort is located at Dongping Village, Shentu Town, Zhangpu County. It is not a single earthen building but a resident house in Eight-Diagram form with five-ring style.” Apparently it can hold more than 100 people.

Xie xie barbra0527!


Two new cards came in today’s post for me, one from Canada  and one from Belarus .

The card from Canada is a flag card, which makes a great new addition to my flag collection. The text on the card reads “The newly designed Canadian flag was flown for the first time on February 15, 1965”. Seeing as that was before my time, there’s no shame in admitting that I don’t actually know what it looked like before.

Thanks so much for the card Draven!

The Mir Castle Complex in Belarus has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

Dziakuju Klemochka!

Today’s post had two cards in store for me, one from Russia and one from South Korea ,which I’m rather chuffed about as it’s the first card I received from there.

And here it is, depicting a lovely painting by Lee Myung Shin. It’s called A Winter Evening Scene at the East-side Gate. The stamps were very cool, too – one of the South Korean flag and the other of a scelidosaurus.

Lee Myung Shin: A Winter Evening Scene at the East-side Gate, 2008

Komapsumnida catherinesword!


The card from Russia shows St. Isaac’s Square, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Monument to Nicholas I in St. Peterburg.

St. Isaac's Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral and Monument to Nicholas I in St. Petersburg, Russia

Spasibo Lina3000!


Today’s post brought a postcard from the United States . It depicts the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin. What a grand building!

Thanks so much for the card ScienceMom77!

I have a few minutes to spare and thought I would post here again. I’m still pretty busy but I don’t want to neglect my blog (for too long) so I’ve decided to post when I have time rather than when cards arrive. Although in an ideal world both would occur at the same time. 😉

Anyway, today’s post brought a lovely nature view from Japan. It arrived in an envelope and I’m always amazed at Japanese envelopes being used vertically rather than horizontally like they are in Europe.

So without further ado, here’s the card I reveived today.

Domo arigato eno!

Oh dear! I’ve barely been back a month and I’m already struggling with keeping up my blog again. 😦

It’s a very busy time for me right now and I have a lot on so that I simply cannot spare the time necessary to upload pictures of the postcards I receive every day. And trust me, I’ve been receiving some very awesome cards! Alas, I shall have to take a little break again. But don’t worry, it won’t be anywhere near as long as last time. Perhaps just a few days, possibly a week or two. We shall see. But I will be back. Promise.

So long,

I received quite a mix of cards today: two map cards,  another elephant card 😉 and a UNESCO WHS card; three from Germany and one from the US .


This fabulous map of Southern California is a new card for my collection.

Thanks so much for the card emotis!


Another new addition to my map card collection arrived from Germany. It’s this great map of Iceland. Here are some facts about Iceland from the back of the card:  “Iceland – 103.000 km², 39.768 square miles. Coast line 4.970 km, 3.750 miles. Population ca. 283.000”

Vielen Dank für die Karte midnatsol!


My elephant  collection just keeps growing and growing. 😉 Here’s another gorgeous card to add to it.

Vielen Dank für die Karte Mausbaer47!


And last but not least, I received this card of the mines of Rammelsberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

Vielen Dank für die Karte Helga_Ni!


I only received one card today but what a fabulous card it is! This map of Taiwan consists of leaves. What a brilliant idea!

Xie xie melolo!

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